Our Story

Our son became very ill at three months of age. We spent two weeks in PICU and a further two weeks on the ward at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

For those of us who have experienced these times, they are full of emotional challenges that no parent or caregiver ever wants to experience. To make matters even tougher, some of the more basic needs that every child (and parent) gets to experience, like dressing our son or changing his nappy weren’t possible. He was attached to various IV lines, had a nasal gastric tube and an O2/heart rate monitor. It also became near impossible to cuddle him impacting on cuddle time, bonding and providing comfort.

So his little body could be covered, we cut arms or legs off clothing or his limbs hung out of clothes. When we needed to change him or his nappy, we would need to call for a nurse to assist with detaching lines and feed them through arm or leg openings.

We just wanted to be parents to our sick and brave bubba, and we didn’t want to have a nurse standing with us for the simplest of tasks.

So late one night, trying to sleep on the parent bed in his room, listening to the beeps of machines and the hum of nurses moving around the ward, I started to design this growsuit that would allow us to be a mum, a dad, a caregiver and allow us to call on the nurses only when we really needed them. And the rest is history!

You now have the perfect growsuit to keep your brave bub comfy! Wish I had one!